#41. Thundercat - Oh Sheit It’s X (3:47)

Stephen Bruner AKA Thundercat just so happens to be buddies with experimental electronic producer Flying Lotus, and it doesn’t take much time listening to Apocalypse to hear some of FlyLo’s influence. The stand out track, “Oh Sheit It’s X” (which you may have heard before while driving around Los Santos in a stolen car, as it was in rotation in the FlyLo FM radio station in Grand Theft Auto V) starts out with some scribble-y bass and an addicting synth line that practically drags us right onto the dance floor. And dance floors are what the song is all about, as Thundercat tells us the tale of his latest (mistakenly?) MDMA fueled night out and how, thanks to the drugs and the music, he was unable to stop dancing. Equal parts electronic and funk, with just a touch of that FlyLo magic, and Thundercat has himself a winning formula.

Best Moment: The main attraction is that synth, appearing at 0:00, 1:02, 2:05, and 3:07 as it’s just too bold to ignore.

The Album [Apocalypse]: 4/10


Thundercat; Heartbreaks + Setbacks

from Apocalypse

Jhené performing at Coachella - April 13 (x)
Jhené performing at Coachella - April 13 (x)

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When people ask me what inspires me. I send them a link to this video…

I watch this video everyday before I get ready to go out into the world

All hail

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